John Brown's Revenge

from by Poor Man's Blood

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Kansas was bleeding 1856
A free state consumed
By racist border attacks
Lawrence sacked, and a movement was lost
Till one man stood up and drew blood for
Blood was spilt on that final day
At the Battle of Black Jack they pushed back the southern advance
Just like ghosts fading into the night, Brown’s forces went east
To put an end to the fight….

Talk about the fight but talk is cheap
today we fight back for racial equality
Never give up never give in
This is the ghost of john brown’s revenge

Harper's Ferry, 1859
Twenty-one men seized the armory
To start insurrection arm all the slaves
But they were sold out by northern pacifists
They fought to the death against federal marines
And held up for treason john brown courageously……
Stepped to that noose and he took it with pride
To free the oppressed he would surely die

The crimes of the guilty, John Brown swore
Will never be purged away except with blood

Never give up, never give in
This is the ghost of john brown’s revenge

Look where we’re at… America Now
A classist divide, drawn on the lines of…..
Blacks in the ghettos, crack on the streets
Muslims kidnapped and sent to Guantanamo Bay
Mexico border guarded by police
And white racist thugs, they call themselves Minutemen
If john brown were here, he’d say it again
What we need right now, is a frontal assault on the……..

Crimes of the past, not yet put to rest
If you want real change, you gotta change it with fists!

Never give up, never give in
This is the legacy of John Brown’s re-……

Never give up, never give in
These are the words of John Brown’s re-….

Never give up, never give in
This is the ghost of John Brown’s revenge


from Poor Man's Blood, released March 6, 2014




Poor Man's Blood New Mexico

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