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Dark shadows growing
Silhouettes cast upon the road to perdition
In the black all alone
Standing with fists clinched in stone
the vagabond tired
Going nowhere because no one
Is tending the fire

I’ve Seen too much pain
To believe in divine intervening
I’ve seen too much pain
salvation don’t mean a goddamn thing to me
condemned at the gates
in loathing I turn my back and I walk away

the preacher man says
that the kingdom of heaven is close at hand
well don’t hold your breath
when have you walked through his valleys of death
scriptures are chains
with so many suffering here on the earth in his
dungeon of pain
cast away pawns in his sick little game

I’ve seen too much pain
To ever believe in eternal grace
I’ve seen too much pain
the light of your lies so blinding
damned at the gates
disgusted I turn my back and I walk away

oh heavenly father
show me the way
spiritual treason
the truth sets you free

the blood of one martyr could never
wash away
the million lambs led to the slaughter
on his judgment day

the watchmaker watches
while the evil oppress the poor huddled masses
we crawl through the waste
as a charlatan shouts from the top of a stage
the church doors are open
but there’s never enough to buy back our redemption

I’ve seen too much pain
the words in your book mean nothing
I’ve seen too much pain
Malicious or helpless its all the same
Judged at the gates
In defiance I turn my back, and I walk away

Left at the gates
Judged at the gates
Damned at the gates
In defiance I turn my back and I walk away


from Poor Man's Blood, released March 6, 2014




Poor Man's Blood New Mexico

Also check out Jeff's punk band "Article 15" at www.article15nmpunx.bandcamp.com.

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